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At Dugas Law Firm, we have been taking good legal care of injured people in the Beaumont area and throughout Southeast Texas for decades. Led by Attorney Clay Dugas, our firm is recognized for our client-focused counsel and commitment to protecting every client’s best interests. In every case our goals are to provide thorough and aggressive representation, to exceed our clients’ expectations, and to build lasting relationships by keeping our doors open and helping people to understand and feel more comfortable with the legal process.

Our Legacy

At Dugas Law Firm, we are in the business of providing protection, guidance, and ultimately, results.

How We Operate

Our decades of experience have given us a keen eye for knowing when to go to trial and when to fight for a fair settlement out of court. We want what is best for you and are not opposed to settling your case if it’s in your best interests. Ultimately, we work for you with the intention of bringing you closure and achieving your goals. We believe that the more we interact with you, the better we will be at our job which is why you will always be able to contact your lawyer.

To us, the greatest professional satisfaction comes from our ability to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives who have been beset by a tragic event. We hate bullies and enjoy protecting our clients from being bullied. We want to show you that there are lawyers who really do care and show you how to the legal system can help you and your family recover. If you have suffered serious harm and would like to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Beaumont TX about filing a claim, call us at (409) 226-0990 today. Se habla español.

Questions to Ask When Determining to Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are wondering whether the decision to work with a lawyer and take your case to court is the best option, there are several things that you should consider. The entire legal process and outcomes can vary drastically, depending on your individual situation. Before reaching a conclusion, take time to ask yourself a series of questions that will help you know if legal proceedings are right for you. These questions can help you make clear decisions about your goals and expectations.
  • Have you been injured as the result of another person or company's intentional/accidental negligence?
    There are certain standards of conduct that companies are expected to follow. For example, companies that hire drivers are responsible to ensure that their employees have current licenses, good driving records, and that they drive responsibly. If you were involved in an accident that was caused by an employee who was not trained or eligible to drive, the company could be held responsible for allowing that person to be on the road. Because of the company’s negligence, whether it was intentional or accidental, others were involved in an accident. 
    When driving, an individual has acted negligibly if they have acted contrary to the manner in which a reasonably prudent person would act under the same type of circumstance. This, of course, is barring the possibility that a majority of people would act negligibly in certain circumstances. For example, the majority of people in a given community may run through traffic lights that have just turned red, but running red lights is still considered to be unsafe and illegal.
  • Has the injury cause you serious financial damage, mental or physical distress, or impaired your ability to work and enjoy life?
    Whether or not you have been compensated for your immediate healthcare after an accident, your injuries may extend beyond the cost of the initial care. If your life has been negatively affected in ways that will last, you may be entitled to further compensation. 
    Serious physical or mental injury can result in an accident, which can impair your ability to participate in activities that you once did. Not only can this permanently decrease or inhibit your income, it can also greatly lower your overall quality of life. By hiring an attorney to take your case to court, you can receive recompense that will help ease financial burdens as you continue to live with the injuries that you have received.
  • What are the circumstances of the accident?
    As you think about whether or not to contact a lawyer regarding your accident, think about the circumstances of the case. Contemplate the details of the accident, including any negligence, injustice, or other factors. Ask yourself whether these things merit further consideration by the offending party.
  • Do you want the case to go to trial or be settled out of court?
    Once you have decided that you would like to talk to a lawyer, there are a number of other factors that will help to determine the outcome of your case. Would you want to reach a settlement through mediation or would you be willing to go to court? Settling the case outside of court can be less time consuming, but there may be other advantages to going to trial. 
    By considering how you want the case to go, you will be better prepared to find an attorney and to present your ideas when you meet with him or her for your consultation.
  • Do you have an attorney who you can trust?
    Talking to an attorney about your situation can be one of the best ways to know whether or not you have a solid case, and what to expect as you move forward with the lawsuit. Choosing a firm and a lawyer that you trust is one of the best things that you can do. By doing a free consultation, you can discuss your options and make sure that you find a lawyer that will help you get the full compensation that you deserve.

How to Determine Whether or Not to Accept an Injury Settlement

One thing about civil cases that might surprise some people is that most cases are actually settled out of trial without ever getting to court. However, although settlements are common, many people are still unsure of whether or not the settlement offer they receive is something that they should accept.
  • The Strength of Your Case:
    This is certainly one of the biggest factors to consider if you have been presented with a settlement offer. Obviously no one wants to reject a generous settlement offer, go to court seeking a larger payment, and then end up losing the case and getting nothing whatsoever. One the other hand no one wants to settle for a tiny fraction of what their case is worth if they know that it is airtight.
    It is important to remember that no outcome is ever definite. Even really solid cases lose sometimes, and even really weak ones occasionally work. That is part of what the uncertainty of trial is all about. So much comes down to the particular judge and jury involved. Nevertheless, a plaintiff must carefully weigh the strength of their case, as best they can with the advice of their attorney and others involved, against the settlement offer that they receive.
  • Where the Liability Rests:
    Very often there is no black and white answer about what happened and who is to blame. It is very common for there to be many potential sources of blame when it comes to an accident or injury. For instance, part of the blame might rest on the injured party themselves. It is also not uncommon for a third or fourth party to also share a small portion of the blame. 
    The reason this matters is that if it is decided that a portion of the liability rests with other people or entities, then that can significantly reduce the potential size of a monetary judgment, or even make the court rule against the plaintiff completely. Thus liability and where all it rests must be carefully considered when a settlement presents itself.
  • The Climate of Juries in Your Area:
    Though the legal system strives to be as impartial and fair as possible, that doesn’t alter the fact that different judges and juries have different opinions about how much a case is worth. If you know that juries in your area tend to be conservative and offer low judgments then that should definitely impact your decision about whether or not to accept a settlement. By the same token if you know that juries in your area tend to be very liberal and offer very high, generous judgment then that should also be a factor in your decision.
  • The Timeline:
    Another huge factor for whether or not to accept a settlement is the timeline involved. A suit might go on for years if appeals and other legal wrangling occurs. As a result this can further increase legal fees, disrupt daily life, and cause a continual emotional reliving of painful experiences. 
    In many cases, a plaintiff may decide that it is worth it to just accept the settlement and move on with their lives. On the flip side, however, many people feel more vindicated by getting to tell their story in court and may even find that the slower timeline allows them an extra opportunity to work through their feelings and get closure. Thus it is important to consider your own feelings and situation in regards to the timeline.
  • Your Financial Needs:
    Very often if an accident or injury has been very debilitating it will result in high medical bills and a loss of wages. This will frequently result in a strong financial need becoming present in the plaintiff. While it is unfortunate this too must be considered whenever a settlement is being evaluated. Can you and your family financially risk passing up a sure thing for the possibility of more? What happens if the case continues to drag on? Will you be able to pay your bills and hold out or should you take the settlement and get the money sooner rather than later?
While none of these factors alone are likely to give you a clear, cut and dry answer of whether or not to accept a settlement offer, they will nevertheless give you a good starting point. Remember that it is always wise to consult your attorney about a settlement offer because they see settlement on a much more regular basis and have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you.

Our Philosophy

Our firm operates on the philosophy that we fully prepare for war in every case. To that end, we begin by doing the necessary research. This may involve finding the most qualified experts whose testimony will benefit the case, to networking with other lawyers who have handled similar cases to positive results. Our team gathers as much detailed information about the incident as possible to be fully prepared to protect our clients.

Our personal injury attorneys in Beaumont TX aim to find out how the accident happened, why it occurred, and how can it be prevented from happening to others in the future. This comprehensive approach has resulted in verdicts leading to safety changes made to defective products, helping the community at large.

Dedicated Legal Care from a Board Certified Lawyer

Board Certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Attorney Clay Dugas is a recognized expert in his field with demonstrated special competence and distinguished accomplishment. He provides dedicated and resourceful representation backed by the insights gained in over 200 jury trials and more than 50 cases resulting in verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 million. Known as “The 18-Wheeler Attorney,” Clay Dugas and our legal team will help you seek full and fair compensation for your accident or injury.

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  • US News & World Report Best Law Firms 2021
  • Clay Dugas Super Lawyers 2020
  • Martindale-Hubbell 2020 Award
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  • Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys Certification
  • Best Lawyers in America, 2014, 2015, 2017
  • Texas Super Lawyer, 2008 – 2020
  • Martindale Hubbell’s List of Preeminent Lawyers, 2005

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    “I was extremely impressed with how aggressively he pursued our case and the level of detail put forth. He took the time to explain everything and was always available when we had questions.”

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