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Unfortunately, auto accidents occur daily throughout the U.S., resulting in consequences for the families involved. Almost every driver has experienced some type of traffic accident, whether a fender-bender or a multiple-vehicle crash ending in a fatality.

The causes of these accidents have been documented by government and insurance agencies leading to new laws and stricter law enforcement. Though motor vehicle accidents have become a common part of our roadways, they damage the victims involved who often endure months or years of pain, lost income, and financial and emotional hardship.

Why Turn to Clay Dugas and Associates?

Getting legal assistance after an auto accident can make a significant difference in the recovery of your health, finances, and overall well-being. Our Beaumont auto accident lawyers have the experience to help you. Call us at (409) 226-0990.

Bringing your case to our Beaumont auto accident attorneys as soon as possible after the accident is vital. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Documentation, such as tire marks and road debris, need to be made before they vanish.
  • Witnesses to the event should be interviewed while the accident remains fresh in their minds.
  • Official accident reports need to be examined and investigated.
  • The damage to your car will need to be preserved.
  • Accident reconstruction should begin immediately to discover reasons why the accident occurred, how it occurred, and if there are solutions to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

    If any of the above is not done in a timely manner, your claim for compensation may be compromised. That is why you should not delay in contacting us.

    How to Recover Damages in an Automobile Accident

    The negative repercussions of an automobile accident can be painful and lasting. In addition to physical injuries, many people also suffer mental and emotional trauma. If you have been involved in an accident, it is important to make sure that you receive all of the care that you need. It is important that you are able to recoup the damages that you have suffered so that you can begin the road to physical and emotional recovery and so that you can move on with your life.

    Usually, insurance companies are willing to work with people who have been injured in accidents and are able to provide adequate compensation and benefits. Unfortunately, there are also some situations when it can be difficult to obtain your due compensation. Even if the other driver is uninsured or under-insured, there are still a number of recourses that allow you to recover damages. When you are in a car accident, there are several other parties against whom you may have a justifiable claim.

    Car accident liability may include one or more of the following parties:

    • Owner of the other car - If the person who caused the accident is driving someone else’s car, the vehicle owner may be held responsible for some reparations. For example, if the car’s owner allowed someone else to use their car in spite of being physically, mentally, or otherwise unfit to drive, they may be held liable.
    • Employer of the other driver - Some accidents occur when a driver is performing a work-related task. If this is the case, the driver’s employer may be held responsible. Often, the company is still liable for restitution when the employee was not driving a company-owned vehicle.
    • Your own insurance - Some insurance policies offer coverage, even when the accident was not your fault. This may be the case if you have uninsured motorist coverage or other supplementary clauses. To find out whether or not your insurance company offers compensation in these circumstances, contact your insurance agent.
    • Product liability - If the accident was a result of a vehicle defect, you may have a product liability case. Examples of vehicle defects would be if the brakes or tires fail, or if the car inexplicably accelerates. You may also have a case if the safety features of the car, such as the airbags or seat belts, did not function properly. When you have this type of situation, you can bring a suit against multiple parties. The vehicle manufacturer, the company that sold individual car parts, or even the car dealership may be held responsible for such defects.
    • Government claims - There are actually some situations when you may have a viable claim against the government that is accountable for the upkeep of the road. Government entities are responsible to ensure that the road is in good repair and safe to drive on. If a road that was poorly marked or in significant disrepair contributed to your accident, you are entitled to reparations from the organization in charge of such matters.
    • Multiple liability - Often, there are several contributing factors that come into play when an accident occurs. In any given situation, there can be multiple parties that are partially at fault. When this happens, it can be quite complicated to get full compensation.

    It can be difficult to negotiate with every responsible party and to go through all of the necessary channels. One of the best options is to contact an attorney who can work with you and who has experience dealing with this type of thing. Although it may take time and effort, getting the settlement that you deserve is well worth the investment. While a monetary settlement cannot erase the past, it can help you make significant strides towards recovery and a better future.

    How to Prove Liability in an Auto Accident

    Determining fault is key to recovering compensation after a car accident because it identifies who is financially responsible for the accident.

    There are several things that attorneys look at when determining liability, including:

    The Police Report:

    The police report is one of the best tools that attorneys use to determine fault. It is definitely a very influential document that carries a lot of weight in a trial or other legal proceedings. Basically what the police report comes down to is who the officer at the scene of the accident determined to have been at fault.

    Often this position of fault is further strengthened by the fact that the at-fault driver may have received a traffic citation for the incident. In addition, officers routinely look for things such as evidence that one of the drivers may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All of this information would be found in the police report.

    Specific Indicators:

    Specific Indicators are basically defined as circumstances that specifically tend to point toward one driver being at fault. Most commonly these indicators are rear-end collisions or left turn related accidents.

    • Rear-End Collisions – This type of collision is extremely telling because one of the most fundamental traffic rules is that drivers leave enough distance between themselves and the car in front of them so that they can stop safely for any reason. That means if someone rear-ended you then fault will almost certainly be assigned to them regardless of why you stopped. This type of accident is also extremely hard to dispute because the damage to the cars will make it obvious who struck whom.

    • Left Turn Accidents – This type of accident is also one that is typically very cut and dried because cars going straight almost always have the right of way. That means if the driver turning left ‘took a chance’ and got hit it was almost certainly his or her own fault. The only exceptions to this are when the car going straight was engaged in other illegal activities like running a red light or breaking the speed limit. Once again, this type of accident is also difficult to dispute because the damage to the cars will make what happened very apparent.

    Eye Witnesses:

    In cases in which it may be difficult to determine fault based on the other factors involved having a third party, an impartial witness can be very helpful. This witness may be another driver who was uninvolved in the actual accident but saw it, or it could be someone who was standing nearby the scene of the accident. A witness statement can make a big difference in a case.

    Other Documentation:

    Other documentation will include additional sources of evidence that help indicate fault.

    • Photographs – Photographs are one of the most valuable types of evidence because as long as they haven’t been doctored or falsified they present a very impartial, fact-based representation of what happened. Thanks to the growing prevalence of cell phones with cameras it has also never been easier for drivers to document the scene of the accident and the damage to their vehicles. This is very helpful if other factors make it difficult to determine fault.
    • Medical Bills and Repair Bills – These types of bills may not explicitly state fault, but they can help paint a picture of what happened and the extent of the damages. They will also provide a solid baseline upon which claims and settlements can be reached.

    When all is said and done it can be very difficult in some situations to determine fault. That is why it is so important to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in cases that involve automobile accidents.

    Liability Laws After a Car Accident

    In the event of a car accident, Texas follows a “at-fault” rule to determine who is liable for damages. This means that the driver who is responsible for causing the accident is also responsible for paying damages through their auto insurance. While this law is straightforward for accidents where only one driver is at fault, many accidents can find more than one party’s at fault in some manner. Example of “fault” that you may not have considered before would be driving even a little bit above the speed limit or failing to use a turn signal. In these cases, an injured driver can still recover compensation through Texas’ "modified comparative negligence" rule.

    This means that an injured party can still file a claim if they share some of the fault but the percentage of fault they are found to bear will also be deducted from their overall compensation awarded to them. For example, if you are found to be 20% at fault for the accident, the total compensation awarded to you will also be reduced by 20%. Have questions? Contact our firm for a free consultation today

    Should I Hire an Attorney?

    It’s important to speak to an attorney after an accident, even if you believe your accident was minor. Many people suffer from more serious injuries than they initially realized as some injuries don’t reveal themselves completely for a couple days or weeks. Additionally, insurance companies are not on your side. They are first and foremost looking out for what is best for their company, not what is best for you. An experienced car accident attorney can help protect your rights and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Filing a car accident claim can be complicated, our firm can walk you through the claims process and offers free consultations, so you have nothing to lose! Contact us today.

    Can I File A Car Accident Claim After Insurance Pays?

    Most insurance companies include in their settlement offers that no additional compensation can be collected after the initial settlement amount. This means that once you agree to a settlement it’s usually difficult to recover any further compensation. This is true even if you discover your injuries are more serious in the following weeks and months following your accident, as is common with injuries sustained in car accidents. If you have been offered a settlement, or if you have already signed one, call Clay Dugas and Associates today to talk about your case.

    We Believe in Thoroughly Protecting Your Legal Rights

    Our car accident attorneys in Beaumont TX will go into action to protect and preserve your best chance for a fair and just resolution to your claim. With decades of hard-earned experience handling personal injury claims related to auto accidents, we know just what to do and how to do it. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients and will apply the same commitment and care to your case.

    Reach out to our Beaumont auto accident lawyers at (409) 226-0990 to schedule a free consultation today.

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