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Industrial & Refinery Accidents in Southeast Texas

When industrial accidents occur, injured workers must usually depend on workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical expenses and lost income. But workers’ compensation does not pay for pain; it does not pay for suffering; it does not even pay your full wage.

However, if you were injured as the result of a defective product or the negligent actions of someone other than your own employer, you may have a valid personal injury claim for other types of compensation. An experienced Beaumont trial attorney from our office can help you obtain fair and just results.

At Clay Dugas & Associates, we represent injured industrial workers throughout Southeast Texas and fight to help them recover more than just the bare minimum that the workers’ compensation system affords.

Our practice includes:

  • Chemical exposure accidents
  • Burn injury accidents
  • Oil rig accidents
  • Refinery explosion accidents
  • Pressurized chemical accidents
  • Electrocution accidents
  • Shipyard accidents
  • Construction accidents

As a firm, we have a great deal of experience with construction, refinery, and industrial accidents of all types and have gone to trial as many times, if not more than any other firm in this area over the past decades. We know what we’re doing. We know how to investigate these accidents and we will move quickly to document and preserve critical evidence.

We also know how to take care of our clients. We will respond immediately to your initial call and meet with you personally. If you do have a valid personal injury claim and decide to hire us, you will work closely with your attorney and be kept fully informed and involved in the case as it progresses. And while we are always aggressive in trying to resolve cases as quickly as possible—we are equally thorough in making sure that we handle your case correctly at the same time.

How to Avoid Industrial Accidents on the Job Site

Working with toxic chemicals or dangerous machines adds an inherent amount of danger into your workday. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that all safety guidelines and rules be followed when working in an industrial setting. On top of the required safety checklists and company policies, there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure that you and your fellow employees are kept safe.

Dress Appropriately

A large part of staying safe is making sure that you have the necessary protective gear to avoid common injuries associated with a machine or chemical. Helmets and goggles must be worn during jobs that may affect the eyesight or the brain. Ear protection is necessary in situations where loud noises are common and can be deafening to the ears.

According to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, not only should proper attire be provided, but it should also be fitted to the specific person. Gear should also be kept in good condition and changed out regularly to avoid problems and ensure that you are protected.

Follow Directions

Any time a machine is used for something it was not intended to be used for, or is used in a way it was not intended to be used it can become dangerous. Following the directions and safety guidelines provided with the machine is an important part of avoiding industrial accidents.

Small safety precautions that may not seem necessary to the seasoned worker may be overlooked and not installed properly. But it only takes one time for something to misfire and permanently injure and disable an employee. No matter how much experience the employee has with the machine, it is still imperative that all guards are in place and all provisions are working properly in order to keep all employees safe. An employee who is lazy or doesn’t vigorously follow these procedures can be a danger to all in the workplace.

Use Computer Analyzing Technology

Industrial accidents can easily be monitored with the availability of various software programs. These programs have been developed to allow managers and supervisors to not only keep track of the accidents that occur, but to also monitor the close calls that could easily turn into accidents.

Systems have been put into place by agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration that track any safety issues that regularly occur. This information can then be used to discover the causes of industrial accidents and also provide information that can be used to ensure that the accidents are prevented in the future. If these computer systems were used more widely, it is believed that many industrial accidents could be prevented before they happen.

Avoiding Simple Accidents

The most common of accidents are things that happen every day. Slips and falls are a good example of these, and can be easily avoided by a few common sense practices, such as holding a rail as you are walking down a stairwell. Simple things such as using wet floor signs when mopping and cleaning up spills as they occur can also go a long way to ensuring that your workplace stays accident free.

Employees and customers alike should always wear shoes in the workplace. Any time a floor is wet or has recently been waxed, encourage all those who come by the area to use extra caution. Simple steps can help to avoid the most serious of accidents.

With a good mix of common sense and written rules, each employee can work to make sure that industrial workplaces are danger free for all employees and customers who come through the building.

Taking Good Legal Care of Injured People for More than 35 Years

Regardless of where you were injured, at an oil refinery, in a shipyard, at a chemical plant—we have the kind of experience that can get you the kind of results you deserve. Call us at (409) 226-0990 or contact us online at our Beaumont law offices to schedule a free consultation. We advance all costs in personal injury cases and handle these matters on a contingent fee basis.

In short, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

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