Negligent Trucking Accident Causes Neck Injury

Neck Injury

The dangers of neck injury from rear-end collisions are well documented, with many Americans sustaining them every year. This alone should be enough to cause other drivers to pay careful attention to following distances and to maintain safe speeds. Unfortunately, however, these accidents continue to happen. We recently had one such client who was injured in a rear-end collision with a big rig truck, causing recurring neck pain that limited our client’s day-to-day activity at work and home.


The accident occurred when our client was traveling westbound on a local area state highway. Traffic was congested that day and the vehicle in front of our client needed to stop. Our client likewise came to a safe stop. However, the vehicle behind him, a commercial big rig truck, was unable to stop and plowed into the back of our client’s vehicle. This in turn caused our client’s vehicle to be pushed into the car in front of him, resulting in significant injury to his neck and general body. This required him to undergo medical treatment, caused pain and suffering, and diminished his previous quality of life.


Subsequent investigation revealed that the trucker was guilty of several safety violations that contributed to the accident. For starters, he was speeding at the time of the collision, which is one of the most avoidable infractions any commercial truck driver can ever commit. He was also not paying sufficient attention to the road, failed to apply his brakes in a timely manner, and was not maintaining a safe stopping distance. These acts of negligence were the proximate causes of the collision that injured our client.


However, because the trucker was performing his duty on behalf of a commercial company, and was within the scope of his employment with said company, the commercial company was also legally accountable. Our case asserted that the commercial company’s negligent training and negligent supervision of the truck driver also contributed to the accident.


Dugas Law Firm is committed to bringing negligent truckers and trucking companies to justice for the harm they cause to the general public. In this case we sought to recover damages for our client for the past medical bills that he incurred as a result of the accident, as well as the future medical bills that he would incur as a result of on-going treatment for his injuries. We also sought to recover compensation for the mental and physical pain and suffering he endured, his past and future diminished enjoyment of life, his past and future reduced earning capacity, and the property damage to his vehicle.

Neck injuries are extremely serious and the cost of medical treatment can quickly escalate beyond what a typical individual can afford. We are grateful to have the opportunity to fight for our clients and help them receive the compensation they need to begin to move on with their lives. If you or your loved one has suffered injury due to an accident with a commercial truck, please contact Dugas Law Firm.

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