Improper Lane Change Results in Rollover Accident


Rollover accidents are among the most dangerous type of motor vehicle accidents. They have the potential to lead to very severe, even deadly injuries, especially involving injuries of the head, neck, and back. We had one such client recently who suffered serious injury due to a rollover accident that he experienced when a commercial truck attempted to improperly change lanes and collided with his vehicle.


Our client was heading southbound on a local area highway when a commercial truck traveling behind him improperly attempted a lane change and struck the back of his vehicle. The resulting collision caused our client’s vehicle to roll over several times as it tumbled down an embankment, crossed two lanes of traffic, and eventually came to a stop in a field nearby. Our client suffered injuries to his head, neck, back, and body in general.


It was determined that the truck driver was guilty of several dangerous violations which led to and caused the rollover accident to occur. He was driving at an improper speed and was not paying sufficient attention to the road. He also failed to drive in a single lane and improperly changed lanes. He was additionally guilty of not properly applying the brakes in a timely manner.


During the time of the accident, the truck driver was operating a vehicle owned by a commercial company. Because the driver was operating within his scope of employment on behalf of the commercial company they were also legally responsible for the accident under the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior. The company was guilty of negligent training and supervision. They were also guilty of negligent hiring practices because they knew, or should have known, that the truck driver in question was unfit to safely operate a commercial vehicle.


Our client’s lawsuit attempted to recover damages due to several aspects of his accident. The suit was filed for his past and future medical expenses associated with the accident, as well as his physical pain and suffering, disability, mental anguish, and diminished quality of life. The suit was also for loss of past earning capacity as well as future loss of earning capacity, and his past and future physical impairment.

Negligent hiring within the trucking industry results in countless injuries and deaths to the general public every year. Dugas Law Firm is committed to winning justice for our clients and holding negligent companies and truckers accountable for the harm and damage they inflict on their victims. If you have been involved in a trucking related accident, please contact us so that we can advise you of your legal rights.

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