How to Handle Common Dangers Other Drivers Pose on the Road

Steering Wheel

There are several dangers to be cognizant of while you’re driving, but none quite as dangerous as other motorists. The following are tips that will keep you a bit safer from some of the more common driving hazards while you’re on the road. First and foremost, always wear your seat belt and ensure that the other passengers in your vehicle are also wearing theirs.


Tailgaters can make anyone nervous, especially when the driver is dropping their eyes down to their phone or browsing out of the windows. It’s important to make sure that you occasionally glance at your mirrors so you’re aware of what’s going on around you. If you notice someone tailgating you, don’t get upset or slam on your brakes to teach them a lesson. This only wastes time and they might not have the insurance necessary to take care of the damage done to your car. What you’ll want to do is stay calm and change lanes as soon as possible in order to let the car pass. Do not make eye contact.


Relying only on your mirrors to inform you of what’s going on behind you can increase the potential of an auto accident. Always look over your shoulder before changing lanes to keep from hitting/swiping any drivers, motorcyclists or bike riders who might be in your blind spots. Just be careful that you don’t tug on the steering wheel while looking. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t linger in another driver’s blind spot.


If a driver is ever swerving in front of you, do not pass them under any circumstances. Slow down and give them enough berth because you don’t know if they’re intoxicated or distracted by something in the car. If you notice the swerving driver in your rearview mirror, don’t hesitate to safely pull over onto the shoulder until they pass. You don’t to be involved in a multiple automobile accident because of one driver’s negligence.


You might see a car zipping back and forth through traffic behind you. Whenever this happens, stay in the lane you’re in and continue to drive the speed limit and keep an eye on the car. When they get close to you, take note of the cars around you to see if you can find an opening that the speeding driver might take. Once you spot it, you’ll want to keep your attention on that area and keep an eye on the speeding driver so that you’re always aware of where they are in case you have to quickly maneuver your vehicle to stay out of danger.


Some drivers fail or forget to use turn signals, leaving other drivers to guess when they’ll change lanes. Before you turn, make sure that you activate your turn signal well ahead of your turn to allow other drivers to prepare. When you look over your shoulder to change lanes, make sure there are no other drivers who are about to slip into your next spot. Sometimes the best defense against drivers who don’t give turn signals is to always make sure there is plenty of room for you to properly react in case another driver makes a sudden decision to turn without giving a signal.

Following these tips and other basic driver safety rules will go a long way to keeping you safe. Sometimes accidents can happen and they are completely out of your control. If you ever are involved in an accident, remain calm, make sure everyone is safe, get to safety and call emergency services.

Be safe, drive defensively, and wear your seat belt.

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