18 Wheelers Need 40 Percent More Room to Stop


An 18 Wheeler will take as much as 40 percent more room to stop than a typical car. Naturally, road conditions can affect that distance as well. But if a car needs anywhere from 280 feet to 370 feet to stop when going 60 miles per hour, an 18 wheeler will need 392 feet to 518 feet to stop when going 60 miles per hour. The ranges are for a 1 second reaction time – something very few normal people can accomplish; and a two second reaction time – something most normal people can accomplish.

So when you are traveling and you see an 18 wheeler behind you, you have to realize that tractor trailer will need a lot of extra room to avoid hitting you. And of course, the 18 wheeler drivers all know that they need more braking room and it is up to them to keep the proper distances from cars ahead. Regardless, it might mean your life and those you love to keep those braking distances in mind.

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