Trucking Companies Fight Hard


18 wheeler trucking companies don’t quickly admit fault and they don’t quickly pay what is owed. In reality, the lawyers hired to defend 18 wheeler trucking companies are hired guns that come out ready to destroy your case at every turn. That is why you need more than just a lawyer, you need Pit Bull. Clay Dugas is not and never has been afraid to fight 18 wheeler trucking companies and he has recovered both significant verdicts and settlements for his clients from trucking companies throughout Texas and beyond.

Everyone know that life isn’t fair and it really isn’t fair if you or a loved one are hit by an 18 wheeler. Lifelong injuries or death can result and you only get one chance to recover from the trucking company. In one recent case, a plaintiff was hit by an 18 wheeler and the trailer crushed the top of the plaintiff’s car injuring his neck. The plaintiff went to one of the most famous and best orthopedic surgeons in Houston and after trying epidural steroid injections, ultimately had neck surgery. The client could not afford the surgery and did not have insurance to cover the costs of the surgery. Consequently, the surgery was paid for by a company that will advance the funds in exchange for their recovery later on when the plaintiff is paid by the trucking company. The defense attorney for the 18 wheeler has fought tooth and nail to show that the cost of the surgery was higher than what medicare and typical insurance pays and therefore, the price paid was too high. Of course the 18 wheeler company doesn’t have to pay until the jury renders their verdict and the court enters a judgment against them so their attorneys fight hard and long to save every penny they can for the trucking company.

Dugas Law Firm knows how to fight this sort of attack and he never lets the insurance companies or the big trucking firms get away with their destructive tactics that have nothing to do with the case. In the above scenario, who pays for medical expenses is called a collateral source and is never admissible at trial. The trucking company lawyer however, knows that the typical insurance cost is lower than the cash pay option. Never satisfied with massive reductions granted by the laws in Texas, the 18 wheeler companies will fight over every penny to take as much from the victims they injure as possible. Dugas Law Firm will fight harder, smarter and longer for you if you are injured.

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