The Importance of Getting Your Vehicle’s Black Box Recorder Information After a Wreck

A crashed car in the road after and accident

With the surge of developing technology being installed in new automobiles, now it is possible to have an event data recorder installed in your personal vehicle. Known as black box recorders, these event capture devices are commonly found in airplanes. After an airplane has crashed, it is the proper procedure for the authorities to find the black box, which will give them specific information on the status of the plane as it crashed. This can be an exceptional tool used to determine why the plane went down. Following that line of thinking, vehicle manufacturers have offered to install these devices in your personal automobile.

Do All Cars Have Black Boxes

The answer is yes and no. While older vehicles will not include a black box, in 2014, they became mandatory in all new vehicles. Additionally, more than 95% of new cars from 2013 included a black box.

After being involved in a car accident, you may be a bit confused and frustrated. If the accident was severe, many people may not remember exactly what happened to cause the accident. A black box can be extremely helpful in recreating the scene of the accident by supplying vital information about the specifics of the accident.

How Do Black Box Recorders Work?

In recent models of diesel trucks, black boxes can sense a problem that has occurred within the engine. They also use cues from the wheel speed in order to determine if a problem exists. These boxes will automatically turn on after sensing a problem, and then record the accident from there. Other models of event data recorders will continuously record information, and then overwrite the last information until an accident stops the recorder.

In many vehicles, the event data recorder is incorporated into the restraint system. After sensing an impact, the vehicle will deploy the airbags, and use seat belt tensioners in order to keep you safe.

What Information Can Be Recorded?

There is a wide variety of data that can be collected from your vehicle’s black box, including:

  • Brakes: The recorder will determine whether the brakes have been applied, and at what force.
  • Speed: The exact speed at the moment of impact can help to recreate the scene of the accident.
  • Steering: The angle of steering may help to tell the positioning of the vehicle.
  • Seat Belts: A circuit incorporated into the black box device will tell whether or not the seat belts were buckled at the time of the accident.
  • Airbags: As soon as the airbags have been deployed, some systems will have an alert sent to a communication system.

How Can This Information Help You?

Oftentimes, an accident may happen and there are no witnesses to collaborate your story as to what happened to cause the accident. It may even come down to your word against the word of the other party involved. If you have a black box installed in your vehicle, the authorities will be able to pull off the necessary information and help verify the cause of the accident. In some cases, this has saved individuals from being convicted of negligence, or even vehicular manslaughter.

In cases where there are no witnesses to the scene of the accident, the event recorder can act as a witness, bearing a wealth of information. Information from the black box can be used in a court of law as evidence in a legal case. Since it cannot be tampered with, the information included in the recorder is a perfect form of evidence. By having an event data recorder in your car, you are showing others that you have nothing to hide regarding your driving habits. Whether the driving statistics are recorded on a continuous basis, or only recorded if an accident is sensed, the event recorder is a vital instrument in keeping the roads safe.

Insurance companies will attempt to offer you the lowest amount of compensation possible in order to make a profit. The event recorder located in your vehicle may provide the information needed to require the insurance company to pay you fair compensation for the accident that actually took place. The data from the black box recorder is essential in proving to the insurance company that you deserve compensation for the damages that have occurred.

How Can You Extract The Black Box Recorder Information?

It is important for authorities to know that your vehicle contains a black box during the aftermath of an accident. If your vehicle is towed away because of damages, it is crucial for the officers to know that your vehicle contains a black box, so it will not be damaged in the process of transporting your vehicle.

Repairs and other services performed on the car or truck may damage the event recorder device, thereby rendering the vital information within, useless. As technology continues to advance through the years, black boxes will be a part of everyday life. Not only will they help to tell the true story of what happened during an accident scene, but they will help people to feel more confident about driving in their cars.

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