Plaintiff Recovers 1.96 Million from Drunk Driver Served By Tequilas Restaurant Bridge City, Texas

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On June 21, 2017, a man was struck from behind by a drunk driver while traveling northbound on the Texas Avenue in Bridge City, Texas. The driver did not stop after the crash, and fled the scene, leaving the other driver with severe injuries. As a result of this accident, Dugas Law Firm filed a personal injury claim on behalf of the injured man and his wife against the negligent driver, the company the driver had been working for at the time of the incident, and the establishment responsible for supplying the drunk driver with alcohol.

Although the plaintiff remains hospitalized for the severe injuries he received in the crash, the case settled for seven figures, providing the plaintiff and his family with the funds they need to recover in peace. Since the incident which gave rise to the Plaintiff’s injuries, the restaurant location in question has closed, although they operate in other cities. The settlement with the restaurant was for the sum total insurance policy limits for the defendant

The Accident

At the time of the crash, the negligent driver was intoxicated, speeding, and he was on the clock. Because the defendant was working at the time of the incident, his employer was also charged with negligent hiring, supervision, and training of the defendant, which ultimately contributed to the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. Also, the driver did knowingly endanger the plaintiff by getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. He drove recklessly and while impaired, which directly caused the plaintiff’s severe injuries, and he failed to exercise caution while behind the wheel. Because of the driver’s reckless behavior, our plaintiff remains in the hospital with serious, painful injuries.

The Injury Claim

When the accident took place, the negligent driver sped into the plaintiff’s vehicle, which ultimately caused severe injuries that he has yet to fully recover from. The plaintiff has been hospitalized since the date of the incident, and he is still hospitalized today.

The claim requested compensation for the many damages the injured man and his wife suffered as a result of this incident. Damages included medical expenses, future medical bills, mental anguish, physical pain, physical impairment, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, and exemplary damages. The plaintiff’s wife also sought damages for loss of consortium, loss of household services, and emotional and mental anguish. Ultimately, the case settled for more than $1 million.

Do You Have a Case? We Can Help

At Dugas Law Firm, our experienced attorneys are prepared to help you seek justice and compensation after an accident. We understand how trying these types of situations can be, and we know how helpless, frustrated, angry, and confused you may feel. Coping with a sudden, severe injury is challenging, to say the least, and our firm understands how trying this time can be. If you were harmed by a drunk driver, a careless motorist, or some other negligent person, we want to help you stand up for your rights and hold the liable party responsible for the hurt they caused. Whatever your situation, we are prepared to help you.

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