Clay Dugas Receives America's Premier Experts Award

America's Premier Experts Award

Recently Clay Dugas was honored with the 2014 edition of a very special award called America’s Premier Experts. This is a significant achievement and Clay is pleased to have received this award because the mission of the award committee and Clay’s mission to his clients align very closely.


America’s Premier Experts is an organization designed to accomplish two primary missions. The first mission is to provide consumers, journalists, and the general public with high quality expert information in a range of expertise areas. This information should be provided for free to readers, should be accurate, and should be updated regularly as the particular industry evolves and develops. The second mission of America’s Premier Experts is to showcase those experts who do provide this high caliber information. This is both so that the experts themselves get recognition for their hard work and quality, and so that the information will be even more widely available to the public.

America’s Premier Experts includes a comprehensive directory of experts across various industries and sectors. Such sectors include everything from advertising, banking, businesses, colleges, doctors, dentists, fashion, finance and financial services, health insurance, real estate, public relations, tourism, weather, and web services, to name just a few categories. The directory also includes law and legal services and it is in this area that Clay is being recognized.


Clay earned this award by demonstrating his continual commitment to his clients and to the public as a whole. He believes strongly in providing high quality legal information and outstanding legal counsel to the public. It is the right of every American to receive the legal representation and information that they deserve and Dugas Law Firm is proud to provide that information.

This award is an important recognition of Clay’s tireless work in educating the public about their legal rights and helping pass along his expertise to help other’s succeed.

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