What to Do If You Believe Your Industrial Workplace Is Making You Sick


When you work in an industrial environment, you are exposed to health hazards every day. You may not even realize that your long-term health has been damaged. Find out what to do if you suspect that your industrial workplace is making you sick. Contact Dugas Law Firm to find out how we can help you receive compensation for your medical expenses.


There are many chemicals that can cause a sickness, and not all of them impact you right away. You may not even be aware that you are being exposed to a dangerous substance until many years later. Some cancers can hide for decades.

Regardless, there are still some signs that you may be suffering from toxins you have come into contact with at work:

  • You always feel better on the weekends
  • You are ill during a specific time of day
  • Your symptoms return during specific activities
  • Your illness is similar to other known reactions to chemicals

Some of the symptoms of exposure are similar to the flu and are easy to dismiss. Missing work due to flulike symptoms repeatedly throughout the year indicates that you are suffering from more than just a common bug.

Exposure often causes you to feel ill approximately four to six hours afterwards. Even if you recover temporarily, you may also have come into contact with deadly carcinogens. Heavy metals in the dust you breathe and other chemicals dramatically increase your risk of developing cancer.


At Dugas Law Firm we put the highest value on your personal health and well being. Many workers put off going to see their doctor for a variety of reasons. Some just hope to get better on their own, and others are afraid to cause a conflict with their employer. You need to seek treatment without delay.

Your doctor will attempt to isolate the cause the illness by looking for a pattern in your habits and behavior. Prepare for your doctor’s visit by collecting as much information as possible:

  • What type of work do you do, and how long have you been with the company?
  • When do your symptoms seem to occur the most often?
  • Is there a specific time of the day that you feel ill?
  • Do you feel better on some days or does it affect you at all times?
  • What substances are you in contact with routinely?
  • Do you use safety equipment at work?

Keep a journal of your symptoms to show your doctor, and bring any material safety data sheets of chemicals you suspect you may have been exposed to.


Reputable employers will always attempt to help you avoid becoming sick as a result of business related activities, but there are times when you still need legal help. At Dugas Law Firm, we work with our clients to protect their rights and ensure that they receive the best care for their work related illnesses. If you are not receiving the medical attention you need for your work related illness, contact our office to discuss your options.