Determining Liability in an Industrial Accident



Industrial accidents can be caused by a variety of different factors and can often cause serious harm to those on the job. When these accidents occur, it is important that those who are accountable take responsibility for their actions and take measures to fix the problem that caused the accident. Once these issues have been addressed, new safety precautions can be put into place to keep future workers safe.


Because of the large amount of mechanical equipment that is dangerous and the harmful materials that workers can be exposed to on the job, injuries from industrial accidents can range anywhere from a broken bone to severe brain or spinal injuries. These accidents may also cause burns, amputations and severe lacerations. A crucial part of ensuring that future workers are safe is forcing those responsible to take accountability for the problems in order to fix them.


There are several situations where an industrial accident may occur on the job. The first is an incident where an employee or worker is not obeying safety precautions or measures that have been put in place to avoid accidents. In these situations, the employee may be at fault for failing to follow the rules. Always being aware of safety guidelines and putting them into practice can keep all employees safe from harm while on the job. When industrial accidents of these types occur, fault may lie with the employee and their failure to follow adequate safety measures.

In the second scenario, faulty equipment or products may cause an industrial accident. In this situation, fault may lie with the manufacturer of the equipment or of the owner of the company or plant. Regular maintenance is required on certain machines, and keeping up with the maintenance schedule can ensure that machines run smoothly and safely.

If an employee was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or violating some type of law when the industrial accident occurred, the employee may not be able to collect damages or compensation for the injury and suffering he or she incurred. This is also true if an employee was violating a known company policy when the accident happened. If all the rules were being followed, and nothing illegal was involved, fault may lie with the owner of the company or a third party involved with the company, such as a manufacturer.


When an industrial accident occurs, a victim may face many years of recovery and expensive medical bills, depending on the severity of the accident. If the victim was not at fault, and was following all company policy and all safety regulations and was still injured in the accident, they may be awarded compensation to cover any costs for care and pain and suffering they may face. An important part of recovering from any industrial accident is having the quality care you need, and it can become expensive. If someone else’s poor decisions led to the serious injury of another, they will be held accountable and required to cover certain expenses for the victim.

In the situations of an industrial accident, a victim may be allowed to sue for current or future medical bills, current and future wages that are lost, and any pain and suffering they may incur that a court of law feels they have the right to.


If you or someone close to you has been injured in an industrial accident and you feel someone needs to be held accountable, your first step should be to visit an attorney who specializes in these types of lawsuits. After a consultation with an experienced attorney, you can feel confident about the decision to press forward with a lawsuit against the guilty party.

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