Protecting Your Legal Rights After a Refinery Accident



Working in a refinery can present a myriad of unique Hazards. Huge amounts of flammable and explosive substances, improperly maintained rigs, chain and hoist failures, dangerous weather conditions, falling debris and materials, and other dangerous circumstances can cause a multitude of serious injuries to refinery employees. Low air quality in refineries can also be a health hazard leading to debilitating chronic disease. Adding to all of this, refinery employees often work long shifts of about 12 hours. This can result in fatigue and decreased alertness, contributing to even less safe conditions.


Before an accident happens, people often don’t think much about how a serious refinery injury could alter their lives, or the lives of those they love. A serious injury can cause a major interruption to a person’s or a family’s well being. Lost wages and medical bills are often only the tip of the iceberg in situations like this. Many times, a father or mother must change occupations as a result of a workplace injury that has left them unable to perform work-related tasks. With a new disability there are likely to be many other occupations closed off to them as well. Finding a new job in this situation can be difficult and disheartening, leading to depression, anxiety or other emotional and mental challenges. Often, changing occupations requires additional costly education, and sometimes a cut in pay. These challenges and more can all be the result of a single workplace accident in a refinery. Unfortunately, sometimes worksite accidents are even fatal, causing loved ones great emotional and even financial hardship.

As a valuable human being, you have a right to receive whatever monetary compensation necessary to restore, as much as possible, peace of mind and enjoyment to yourself and to your family.


Workers compensation insurance should be provided by any refinery that has employees. This is an advantage, but it is best used under the supervision of a knowledgeable lawyer or attorney that has extensive experience in cases of refinery accidents. If you have been injured in a refinery accident, it is important to obtain legal advice early on. This way pitfalls and mistakes that may limit or decrease the amount of compensation you receive from workers compensation insurance can more easily be avoided. With competent legal advice you will be able to get more satisfactory results from workers compensation, and if needed, obtain funds over and above what is covered by workers comp insurance.

Legal counsel that focuses their practice on injury cases will be able to help you fill out confusing paperwork, and navigate through the legal processes involved in the situation. They will be able to pinpoint an appropriate amount of compensation, taking into account all related factors and judging from past cases. Employee injury lawyers will also be likely to have a network of professionals and experts that may be consulted, and called upon to testify in a court of law when necessary.


In short, your rights are worth protecting, and the best way to protect them is to obtain competent and experienced legal counsel as soon as possible in an employee injury case. With over 30 years of experience, Clay Dugas knows the law and how to fight for your rights. He will not avoid trial if needed and other lawyers know and respect his willingness to push past a settlement when the situation calls for it.

He is the right lawyer for you. Call us today to discuss your situation and get a free consultation. Your problem will become our priority and we won’t stop until it gets resolved.

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