Clay Dugas Earns Position on Nation's Top One Percent List

Top One

We are pleased to announce that Clay Dugas has once again been selected by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel (NADC) for inclusion on their prestigious Nation’s Top One Percent list. As the name implies this achievement ranks Clay Dugas among the very best and most successful one percent of all attorneys in the US. The NADC uses the standards and success of these select few attorneys to set a benchmark for others attorneys to strive toward.


The Nation’s Top One Percent list is compiled by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel (NADC), an impartial organization of attorneys all over the country who are dedicated to recognizing and promoting high standards within the legal field. The Nation’s Top One Percent list is thus designed to both recognize and laud highly successful lawyers while also providing motivation and benchmarks other lawyers can use to attain a higher level of success. NADC only selects the most elite lawyers for the Nation’s Top One Percent list, only those who have consistently demonstrated a tireless dedication to the legal profession and who have received numerous other distinctions and career achievements.


NADC uses a four-stage selection process to select attorneys for the Nation’s Top One Percent list. Each phase of the process is designed to be both rigorous and completely objective and impartial.

Nomination – In the first stage of the selection process candidates are nominated by either the NADC research team, by existing NADC members, or by peers and clients.

Vetting – In the second stage of the selection process the prospective candidates are rigorously vetted to ensure that they meet NADC’s standards for the Nation’s Top One Percent list. NADC’s researchers carefully consider each of the following:

  • Case results
  • Trial experience
  • Years of practice
  • Client reviews
  • Noteworthy achievements and professional awards
  • Peer endorsements
  • Professional memberships
  • Leadership roles in legal organizations
  • Firm profile
  • Firm reputation
  • Training
  • Education
  • Disciplinary status
  • Community involvement

Attorney Review Panel – The third stage of the selection process involves attorney review panels. This blue ribbon panel of attorneys consists only of lawyers who have achieved the highest level of professional excellence and status in their own rights and as such have the experience and perspective necessary to evaluation those qualities in their peers.

Judicial Review – After the attorney review panel has made its determinations the prospective candidates are then sent to the final stage of the process: judicial review. During this phase the attorney candidates are evaluated by a body of impartial judges who carefully determine if the attorneys meet the necessary standards of conduct and truly embody the qualities of an Officer of the Court.

This rigorous, multi-phase selection process ensures that every attorney who makes the list of the Nation’s Top One Percent truly deserves to be there and displays the integrity, honor, and skill the list represents. Clay Dugas is proud to have been named to the Nation’s Top One Percent list and is dedicated to continuing to display the qualities, ethics, and commitment that earned him a slot on this prestigious list. Ultimately it always comes back to the clients and Clay Dugas’ clients can rest assured that their cases are being handled by one of the most highly respected and skilled attorneys in the nation.

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