Third Party Claims Can Be Brought Even If Workers' Comp Covers Your Injury


In workers’ compensation claims, the employer can never be sued for injuries. If the worker dies though, the employer can be sued for gross negligence which is a really hard and high standard to reach. However, if the worker is injured on the job and some entity or party who is not the employer or a fellow employee, then the worker will be able to bring a third party claim against the other party or entity.

For instance, if a worker gets injured at a Goodyear plant and works as a rigger, he could sue the scaffolding company if he falls because the scaffolding collapsed. He might be able to sue the Goodyear plant depending on whether his own employer’s workers’ compensation insurance covered them, which these days it most probably does. Owners like Goodyear, Exxon-Mobil or DuPont now routinely are covered by the same worker’s compensation policy that covers the employer. Some have even been held to extend to fellow subcontractors.

There is no doubt that when a worker or their family is trying to navigate the rigged system in favor of giant corporations you need an experienced and confident attorney that has no fear of big business and will fight aggressively from start to finish. Dugas Law Firm is that law firm. Clay Dugas has the experience, confidence, track record and drive to win against the multi national corporations.

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