Clay Dugas Donates to the Family Services of Southeast Texas


Clay Dugas Donates to the Family Services of Southeast Texas

We want to call your attention to a very important charity: The Family Services of Southeast Texas. For those who are unfamiliar with this organization, Family Services provides much needed safe housing and shelters to more than one thousand women and children every year. This charity does amazing, crucial work in the community, but like most charities it does so on a very tight budget.

Clay Dugas recently donated $10,000 to the charity to help with their on-going community service. The generous donation was made in honor of thirty-six year police veteran Bill Davis. Former police sergeant Davis investigated more than seven thousand child abuse cases in his long and varied career with the Beaumont Police Department. As someone who was so often on the frontline of these domestic abuse cases, Sgt. Davis experienced firsthand who crucial the work of Family Services of Southeast Texas really is.

In addition to the charitable donation Clay Dugas also appeared with Bill Davis on a news segment about Family Services. Both men spoke about the importance of spotlighting Family Services and the work that it does. Funding is a real problem for the charity and yet the possibility that it would be unable to continue its work is truly horrifying. That is why it is essential that everyday men and women help whenever they can. After all as Mr. Dugas points out it is up to the community to make sure that The Family Services keep going.

Check out the video below which features the news segment:

Clay Dugas Donates $10k to The Family Services of Southeast Texas

It is our hope that this news segment successfully calls attention to the important need for funding for The Family Services of Southeast Texas. Remember that any type of donation you can make will help this worthy cause keep going. In addition to providing shelter to battered women and children, Family Services also provides counseling services, education, and advocacy. It is their mission to strengthen and empower families, individuals and communities. They provided needed support for families and individuals who are experiencing a range of different crises including: stress, grief, marital difficulties, parenting challenges, and any number of other life events. For more information about Family Services of Southeast Texas please check out their website or call them at 409-833-2668.

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