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Insurance company propaganda says that we are a lawsuit-happy society and that tort reform is desperately needed. The reality is that most people who are injured do not want to sue, and in fact, wouldn’t sue if the insurance companies would simply cover their medical expenses and lost income.

If you have been injured in a car accident, do not rely on the “goodwill” of the insurance companies to pay for your auto accident injuries and lost income. To make certain that your interests are protected, contact an attorney as soon after the accident as possible.
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Since 1981, Clay Dugas & Associates has been helping car accident victims in the Beaumont area and throughout the Southeast Texas, Southwestern Louisiana region to recover fair compensation from insurance companies and those responsible for their losses. We have handled hundreds of collision cases involving vehicles of all types. This experience includes:

  • Accidents involving drunk drivers
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • SUV rollover accidents
  • Car / truck accidents
  • Accidents and injuries caused by auto defects

The primary reason you want to hire a lawyer immediately after any type of motor vehicle accident is that critical evidence may be lost or degraded after even just a few short days. Tire marks and roadside debris need to be documented within only a few short days. Witnesses need to be contacted and interviewed while their memories are still fresh. Official accident reports need to be examined and any inconsistencies promptly investigated. The car itself needs to be preserved and accident reconstruction needs to start right away. A failure to do any of these things can irreparably damage possible claims.

We will respond immediately to your initial call and begin working to protect your interests right away. As a client, you will work closely with your attorney and be kept fully informed and involved in the case as it progresses. And while we are always aggressive in trying to resolve cases as quickly as possible—we want to make certain that the case is handled correctly as well.

Located in Beaumont, Texas, the Law Offices of Clay Dugas & Associates, P.C. represents injury and accident victims from throughout Orange County, Hardin County, Jefferson County, and the surrounding areas of East Texas, including those from cities such as Port Arthur, Vidor, Houston, Winnie, Galveston, Conroe, Jasper, Woodville, Lufkin, Lumberton, Austin, Dallas San Antonio, and people from areas of Southwest Louisiana such as Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish.
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